„My experience from the outset with ARPI Aviation has been one of professionalism, flexibility and of a responsive service, catered to the individual. I first met Joanna and Daria during our training with the client airline. They provided an extensive introduction to the company, contractual arrangements and contact details for various queries. I arrived at my clients base in August and met our locally based company representative in the early days of my new career. Jo Alex Tanem is a personable manager, with a wealth of experience dealing with aviation professionals. It is a pleasure to deal with someone with whom you can have a genuine and open conversation regarding employment matters. I would have no hesitation in recommending ARPI Aviation as a potential agency or employer.”

Derek Power (Senior FO LGW)


„I wish the whole team at ARPI the greatest success in the future, you have built a great reputation and you will always have my recommendation if pilots ask me. You guys have established an amazing reputation not only with us the pilots who are employed by you but also by the pilots employed by the other agencies.”

Fredric Zegwaard


„Many thanks for your professionalism, courtesy and good humour during my assignment with you.”

Adam Smith


„There seems to be a strong emphasis on keeping everything legal in terms of tax and social security which offers a great deal of peace of mind.  Also, all correspondance and personal contact is extremely helpful and polite.”

Nico Schwab


„It is very helpful for us to have somebody to answer all of our questions and to get the feeling to feel home and welcome 🙂 Really missed that in the past with my previous company.”

Christoph Krischmann


„Your ability to reply in a quick and efficient manner to all queries, and always being able to sort out any problems in the same way.”

Neal Toms


„Always friendly, helpful and answer e-mails quickly. Send out e-mails with good and helpful info, reminders of vacation etc.”

Gustav Åstedt


„The taxes and social contributions are made for me, but also good and open communications.”

Gavin Andrews


„You are very available, answer e-mails in good time and pay slips seem to be accurate. And you are nice people!”

Arto Lavonsalo


„You answer the emails and the requests in the same day.”

Didier Leroux


„Professional approach and always make an effort to resolve issues.”

Patrick Kelly


„Friendly and quick communication. I have been delighted with the service that I have received from you and it has been a pleasure working with you.”

Darryl Ball (FO LGW)


„Your responsiveness is good. Even when things did not go the way I expected them to go, I always felt that the agency team was doing its best to help.”

John Uku


„Good communication. Quick, prompt answers. Knowledgeable and good at finding solutions to any kind of problem.”

Bertil Svensson


„I have been very happy with the service ARPI has provided in my year and a half in Norwegian.”

Lars Vesterager


„Friendly and efficient.”

Daniel Denny


„I have enjoyed my time with ARPI and I would recommend this agency to anyone in the future. I have found all contact with ARPI very professional and clear. All issues have been handled in an appropriate and timely manner.”

Mads Buch Hansen


„I truly enjoyed my employment with ARPI, and it was with regret and not of ARPI fault that I ended it. The staff was extremely dedicated and helpful. The spirit of the staff was something special and I felt valued as an employee. Though my communication was through email, you could still feel the warmth and happiness from the staff. Thank you.”

Nilas Andersen


„ARPI has always been helpfull in answering a wide range of questions – no matter how small or insignificant they might have been. The informationflow has been superb. Even at times where workload was expected to be high.”

Jonas Davids


„Quick response on emails, very helpfull in solving (tax and payment) issues, very nice and patient 🙂 (explaining things a hundred times to pilots who don’t have a clue about tax must take lots of energy).”

Stefan Ton


„Professional, yet personal approach to employees. Always helpful and willing to answer questions. Always worked in employees best interests.”

Cormac O’Shaughnessy


„ARPI have always been professional throughout my time with them. Very prompt on replying to emails within 24 hours which is important when we are all working in different time zones. ”

Josh Turner


„Did their best to mediate between the company (Norwegian) and the employee.”



„Professional team and nice people.”

Luis Miguel


„Quick answers for e-mails.”

Janusz Dzedzej


Are you employed with ARPI? 
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„First of all you care about your employees which in my opinion is very important. You know and follow all rules and regulations and if you don’t know or you are not sure about something you search and find out the best solutions. ARPI team are very professional in general, but i would like to mention Daria Mitas, Joanna and Vaar who have been very helpful to me and I consider them very nice person and excellent professionals. To end with I would like to say that as long as I will be a contract pilot I will be with ARPI.”

Fernando Diaz Garcia


„Thank you very much for your entire support during my employment period with ARPI, also for your help and patience in order to help me with any issue I had so far. I think ARPI is a very good agency and a fantastic place to work for, I found it as a very professional and inspiring environment.”

Allessandro Lugrini


„Working with ARPI has bin a joy-full ride. As an employer they make you feel secure in a professional manner despite the fact that you might be working miles away from their office. The service and flexibility of the ARPI team is outstanding which they proved numerous times by answering e-mails fast, late at night and even during weekends.”

Andreas Buus (Norwegian Air Shuttle SFO)


„You and ARPI have been excellent, clear and precise with all your dealings with us. Hopefully the reputation ARPI has made for itself will mean ongoing success in the future for you all.”

Peter Baker (Senior FO LGW)


„Very professional. I worked in two different countries, ARPI team always took care of me, taxes, legal issues, everything was crystal clear. I have you in my mind for future aviation contracts.”

Dunia Torres


„Very good and professional team. Always quick to reply and professional handling of all type of questions I have had. The flow of information has been very good!”

Peter Andersson


„Generally seem pretty switched on regarding payroll and tax in European pilot bases.”

Michael Fahy


„Easy to contact you and the speed of which things get resolved.”

Fredrik von Bahr


„Quick handling of questions and issues.”

John-John Zegwaard


„I really enjoyed working with ARPI for the past year. The ARPI-crew has always been very professional, with quick, helpful replies and always been available. I have really appreciated that.”

Martin Johansson


„Good communication and atmosphere!”

Alvaro Cortes


„Fast, efficient, transparent.”

Denis Gabriel


„Friendly and it seems like you want to help.”

Niklas Lönn


„I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at ARPI and your
professional guidance and support.”

Andrea De Carli


„It has really been a pleasure working with ARPI, as I have looked back through old e-mails I have found that everything is done quickly, effectively and to everyone’s satisfaction.  I couldn’t have asked for more really.”

Tom Carter (FO LGW)


„We have enjoyed our time with ARPI and have appreciated your professionalism combined with your friendly approachable manner.”

Helen Hunter- Blair (Captain/TRI LGW) and David Usoro (Captain LGW)


„I have enjoyed being a part of the ARPI team and I am thankful for the professional opportunities the company has given me during my time here.”

Marco Berni


„Very forthcoming good communication, resolve issues as quickly as possible. I have very much enjoyed working with you. All expenses claims are dealt with immediately I have no complaints whatsoever, you as far as I am concerned come highly recommended.”

Neil Jones


„Always willing and able to help, great customer-service. Good understanding of the UK tax system and extremely helpful and competent when dealing with non-UK pilots trying to find their way around the UK system. I would gladly recommend ARPI.”

Lasse Nissen


„As an agency you are welcomed and genuinely made to feel valued. When I had questions that inevitably come up during one’s employment period, a proactive effort was made to ensure they were addressed. Everyone is very approachable and having worked with agencies for a few years, ARPI provided a service that would match that of some of the best permanent employers.” 

Simon White


„I could always count on ARPI’s reply to my questions and their help whenever I have needed it. They are very professional, efficient, helpful and the last but not least, extremely nice!”

Rafał Grotowski


„Good planning. Professionals. Quick response.”

Juan Rabert


„Professionalism and good communication.”

Sergi Vulart


„ARPI Aviation UK is great, and Jo Alex Tanem is fantastic.”

Mattias Sjögren